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More than 1 million languish in Darfur camps as new waves of violence force 100,000 more to flee

The escalating violence that has gripped Darfur in recent weeks has forced over 100,000 civilians to flee their homes and villages. Many of the Darfuris who have fled have no access to essential humanitarian assistance and are unable to reach safety. Oxfam has launched a response aimed at reaching more than 90,000 people with clean water, emergency latrines, and critical supplies like plastic sheeting for shelter and soap to help prevent outbreaks of disease.

Responsibility to protect civilians

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No Will, No Way: US-funded Security Sector Reform in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Date Published: 
October 26, 2010

This paper is a follow-up case study to Oxfam America’s 2009 report on US security assistance and the protection of civilians. In that report, Oxfam America examined the importance of SSR and the evolution of US policy and doctrine and then surveyed US practice.

Protect and Serve or Train and Equip? U.S. Security Assistance and Protection of Civilians

Marc J. Cohen
Tara R. Gingerich
Date Published: 
November 1, 2009

Abstract: This paper looks at the implementation of US-supported SSR programs, and particularly at how they have integrated protection of civilians. The paper identifies current gaps between global standards of good practice—with which US doctrine and principles increasingly conform—on the one hand, and actual US practice in the field on the other. Oxfam believes that protection of civilians must be a cornerstone of US foreign policy, so effective links between SSR and protection must be present in practice as well as in principle.

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